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Selling RS gold with RuneGoldShop as safely and as conviently as possible is what we pride ourself on. Our current team consists of 6+ dedicated staff who serve to fulfill all your needs while keeping your customer satisfaction and safety at a high. What is my gold worth? As the gold market is constantly flucating, please open up the live chat located at the bottom of your screen and ask an Agent what the current rates are. An Agent should respond to you momentarily and give you a fair appraisal for your gold. What is the step by step process? The typical process for selling us Oldschool RuneScape gold only takes a few minutes and is generally done in the following order. 1. We will provide you with a convenient and accessible location to meet us in-game. 2. After trading us we will always confirm if it is us in the trade or not. 3. After the trade has been completed we will then ask you for your PayPal email address. If you would like to be paid through a form other than PayPal USD please inform the live chat Agent know prior to the trade being completed. Why should you sell to RuneGoldShop? RuneGold cares about your needs. We have a dedicated staff who are willing to chat with you even if it's just to say "Hi". We strive for greatness and to achieve that we have hand-picked staff who aren't in the business just for the money. All of our staff members have been long time RS players so they also know their way around RuneScape like it is a part of them!

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