1Is it safe to order from you?
It is perfectly safe. We have been in the Runescape business since 2008 and still have returning customers who have been with us from the very beginning. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that you get your order securely processed and delivered. We only use clean Runescape accounts all the way from supply to delivery and we never use bots, macros or other hacks.
2How much gold do you have in stock?
In Runescape 3 (EOC) We can deliver up to 1 billion Runescape gold within 5-10 minutes of purchase. In Old School Runescape we can deliver up to 100 million gold within 5-10 minutes of purchase. If you want to order more gold than that we may need up to 2 hours to complete delivery.
3Where do you get all your gold, items & accounts from?
All our gold and items stem from legitimate player controlled in-game activities such as staked duels, high level monster grinding, and merchanting. We never use bots, macros, or other hacks. Additionally, we only use original accounts to acquire, store and deliver gold and items.
The vast majority of accounts we sell have been created and leveled by our own internal team.
4How do you deliver gold and items, and how long does it take?
You must contact our live chat, accessible in lower right corner of website, to arrange in-game delivery. We will meet you in a world of your choice and trade the order over to your character. Your gold order will be delivered within 5-10 minutes from the moment you request to chat with us. Your item order will be delivered within 5-20 minutes from the moment you request to chat with us. If it takes longer than that, then you will be given 5% extra on top of your order! For some extremely rare items in Runescape 3 (EOC) we may need up to 60 minutes for delivery. All delivery times are stated in item description.
Please observe that these time estimates are based on the assumption that your order has passed our verification process. We will not deliver orders before they have been verified. If you are a new customer paying via PayPal or Skrill we may ask for a ID or other means to verify your identity.
5How do you deliver accounts, and how long does it take?
All accounts are delivered with full recovery information including original password, date and geo location of creation. We will send you an email with all account information within 1 hour from the moment we have verified your order. We will not deliver orders before they have been verified.
6How do the Quest Help and Mini-games services work?

• Your receiving account must meet all quest, item and skill requirements stated in description of quest or mini-game.
• You must turn off your account guardian to ensure that we can play from a different computer and ip address without locking your account.
• When you place your order you must enter your account name and password in order comment field. If you order a quest, you must also enter your bank account pin so that we can store all the food and other items needed for the order. We don’t require your bank pin for mini-games. We recommend that you set a temporary password on your account before placing your order. Then simply change back to original password when order has been completed. This way you will know for sure that if your account ever gets compromised in the future, it was not us.
• Orders are completed within the time frame stated in product description. We will login to your account from an ip address matching your geo and play without using any kind of bots, hacks or macros. You will receive an email when order has been delivered.
• You are strictly forbidden to login to your account while we are working on your order. If you login while we are playing on the account it might get locked.
7I have seen a cheaper shop, can you match their price?

We absolutely do price matching under the conditions that the website has is trusted and has not been created within the last 6 months. Our focus is to provide a high-quality service for customers that value integrity and security. When you order from a cheaper shop you may very well get your game account banned or have your purchased goods retracted (if you get your order delivered in the first place). We put lots of continuous effort into keeping our service secure for our customers and this adds to the price tag. If you are serious about Runescape, then it’s worth every cent to order from us.